Homeowners & Renters Insurance

Your home is your most important investment and by obtaining Homeowner or renter insurance, you can help protect your household and investment if disaster strikes. That’s why we have Homeowners insurance and renters insurance in NJ available – the most important investment that anyone can make. At R.K. Hughes, Inc., we deliver comprehensive solutions by offering homeowner and renter insurance packages that can be tailored in order to accommodate your needs, fit your budget and help you live your life feeling secure knowing that you are covered.

It doesn’t matter if you own or rent your home, your belongings and property should be protected with property insurance. Homeowners insurance and renter insurance can both give you peace of mind by covering any damage incurred to your home, property, and your personal belongings. In addition, your liability may be covered against any accidents that may occur in the home or on the property, and may cover any temporary living expenses if your residence is damaged and needs to be repaired or rebuilt. Our available plans differ and can be explained in detail by one of our qualified agents, who will help you compare your options and ensure that you shop carefully for the best coverage.

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*Please note, you must speak directly to a representative of our office to bind coverage.

About RK Hughes
R. K. Hughes, Inc. is a New Jersey insurance agency engaged in the business of writing insurance and providing insurance related services and maintains licenses to transact insurance related services in New Jersey and approximately twenty other states. This includes auto, boat and yacht, commercial, personal watercraft, jetski, motorcycle, ATV, life and group health insurance.